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San Diego Hospitality Group

Cultural and culinary focused tours, events, and Destination Management throughout San Diego

San Diego Hospitality Group is a culinary and cultural event company and tour operator offering activities and excursions throughout the city.

custom packages, and specialized international tours for small and large groups

With an extensive background in culinary tourism, the San Diego Hospitality Group offers events and team building options along with tours, for corporate and non-corporate groups. Although initial company focus is Little Italy and the surrounding area, we have the ability to offer events, team building, and tours throughout the entire San Diego metropolitan area.

Regardless of group size, we offer the same focus on customer care, planning and development, and execution.

We strive for excellence, professionalism, and accessibility throughout the entire event planning and execution process to develop unforgettable events every time:

  • Creating the ideal event for your group
  • Adapting to changes in event scope and size
  • Managing the varying needs of multiple stakeholders
  • Innovative and creative culinary events
  • Corporate team building solutions

events, tours, and activities

Storybook Little Italy Tour

A Guided Historical Tour Adventure

story book

This is the original docent led guided tour of Little Italy that has thrilled locals, tourists and corporate visitors since 1997.

147 years of entertaining neighborhood history is unveiled through untold stories, hidden Little Italy landmarks and archival photos that chart our course through time.

Can be combined with Italian breakfast, Italian lunch--with a chef demo or a chef demo/lite hands on experience, or wine tasting/food pairing or an Italian dinner.

San Diego Culinary Challenge

Team Building activity for corporate and non corporate groups

culinary challenge

Our award-winning Culinary Challenge series are exciting, interactive events available throughout San Diego that will test knowledge, skills, and ability in interactive competitions where participants collaborate in exciting and innovative ways that involve food and drink.

In many cases, culinary challenges are used by organizations interested to meet new colleagues, overcome difficult issues, creating meaningful connections, or for just having a fun experience outside of the office.

Each group will receive a basic recipe and all the ingredients to prepare the recipe on their Team's table. Each unique recipe will represent a different country throughout the world (other themes besides Around the World are available).

During the cooking competition, each team will be tasked with creating a beautifully plated “full dish” as well as bite-sized ramekins of the dish, one for every person attending the event. Should the team not complete this task within the time provided, points will be taken away.

While the dishes are still hot, all guests and judges will meander around the room, sampling each of the dishes. Finally, teams will present their “full size” dish to the judges and give their presentation, OR your peers will vote on whose dish was best.

Example culinary challenges

  • iron chef inspired
  • Around the world
  • Cake creations
  • Craft cocktail challenge
  • Cupcake Wars inspired
  • The ultimate spice mix
  • choppedinspired

Single Restaurant Dine Around

A single restaurant Dine Around can provide large groups, such as conventions, with the ability to enjoy a pre selected multi course meal at an acclaimed San Diego restaurant. Guests will be able to choose from several entrees and appetizers.

We provide or direct motorcoach transportation to the restaurant of choice for up to 1000 guests. Guests will choose their restaurant in advance. We work with dozens of restaurant partners throughout San Diego, and offer numerous options at most price points to offer services from budget to VIP.

Restaurant Buyouts in San Diego

Let us know your client's budget, preferences and wishes and we will match you with the best options and negotiate the best deal on your behalf.

Little Italy Treasure Hunt


A culinary scavenger hunt inspired event visiting Little Italy (other neighborhoods in San Diego will be available in the future). The based on elements of Storybook Little Italy

Ahoy, mates! All hands on deck! Our treasure hunt is an adventure around San Diego's Italian quarter. This super engaging activity is designed to improve team bondin.

Guests receive a treasure map and explore historic Little Italy to solve riddles, uncover intriguing local historical trivia, complete challenges, hunt for clues, search for hidden neighborhood landmarks, collect local botanicals etc. take evidentiary photographs etc. while enhancing team spirit with some serious fun.

The winning team receives a fabulous gift basket of Italian food/wine and a certificate of recognition with their corporate logo printed on it! Upon completion of the treasure hunt, team leaders are given keys to our Little Italy Treasure Chest.

One and only one of these keys will actually open the treasure chest to reveal a clue to a special gift for the cap'n (team group leader) and his lucky crew.

Losing teams however will have to swab the decks and maybe even walk the plank into the briny deep. No landlubbers need apply. Beyond that, puffy shirts, pillaging, and search for booty (pirate term for ill gotten goods) are all optional but we guarantee that a good time will be had by all.

Painting with Vino Little Italy

2-hour step-by-step instructed painting classes held in Little Italy in private space at a landmark restaurant. Our classes in Little Italy offer a unique and relaxed introduction to creativity and art in a fun and social environment.

We provide all necessary supplies for painting while food and beverages are available for purchase separately through the venue.

No experience required as guests enjoy a step-by-step painting class with personal instruction while drinking their favorite beverage, and pre-selected food options. This program also includes a guided visit to explore the artistic treasures at Little Italy's Italian Church. Menus provided upon request.

Electric Scooter Tour of San Diego

A super fun way to soak up the sun and travel to and through some of San Diego's coolest neighborhoods--Little Italy, the Embarcadero/waterfront, Gaslamp and Balboa Park.

Ride, smile and learn as you explore San Diego with your charming guide. Today's rider craves something new, fun innovative and simple to enjoy your day. Get outside, and soak up the sun and enjoy the day!

We are hiring

We are looking for team members both as tour coordinators in the field, and on operations support in San Diego. Please email us at for more information.